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China tests new Stealth jet fighter
Chinese Stealth jet, J-20
Chinese Stealth jet, J-20
Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:1AM
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China has reportedly tested a new Stealth jet known as J-20 that very much resembles the American Stealth version of the aircraft.

Chinese media reported that the J-20 flew for about 15 minutes over an airfield in the country's southwest on Tuesday.

Several new photos of the Chinese Stealth aircraft have already been published on the Internet.

China's aviation tests take place while the US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is on the second day of his visit to China.

Gates who had postponed his visit to China several times in the past eventually paid a visit to the country.

Ahead of his arrival in China, Gates had warned that Washington would respond to Beijing's development of a new stealth aircraft.

Military observers believe that the Chinese Stealth fighter will not be used in its army before 2017.

However, China's access to the high technology of building J-20 can considerably increase that country's military capabilities. The technical specifications of the plane are quite similar to those of the US F-22 fighter aircraft.

A Chinese military official recently said that China will deploy its new J-20 Stealth plane during 2017-2019.

China's military budget has increased considerably in recent years. According to official figures, the country's defense budget is about $70 billion.

Chinese President Hu Jintao will visit the US next week, concurrent with the upcoming tour of China by Gates.

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