Thursday Jul 19, 201211:18 PM GMT
‎145,000 housing units needed in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:17PM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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Although the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended years ago, there are still a large number of refugees and internally displaced persons who are waiting for their homes to be reconstructed.

But it’s still not clear just how long these families have to wait until they can return to their homes.

Today, almost 15 years after signing the Dayton agreement and significant financial help not only from Bosnia and Herzegovina but also from the International Community, the return process has not come to an end.

Around 145 000 housing units still need to be reconstructed.

The "Union for sustainable return and integration to BiH" has been included in the process of monitoring the expenditures of funds for the return from its beginning, with the goal to increase the accountability of public institutions in spending funds anticipated for the return of refugees and displaced persons.

In the last three years this Union has visited returnees' residential areas within 143 municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina . The obtained data says that in Bosnia and Herzegovina around 90 000 families would like to return to their prewar homes.

According to the Union for sustainable return and integration to BiH , the number of actual returnees is 737 152, while 7 223 still live in collective centers throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main problem is that a lot of these houses are in rural ares where there are no jobs and people whose homes were destroyed or damaged during the war, simply do not have money to reconstruct them therefor their only solution is to wait for the authorities to reconstruct their homes.

15 years is a long period for people to be away from their homes. Like after any war a large number of people found their home in other countries and started new life there. But what about those who are willing to live in Bosnia and Herzegovina but they don't have necceccary means to return. This is a problem which needs to be solved by Bosnia and Herzegovinas authorities.
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