Friday Aug 24, 201202:25 AM GMT
BiH prepares for municipality elections
Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:24AM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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More than thirty thousand candidates will run for mayors and

delegates in municipal councils in 139 municipalities in the municipal elections that will be held on October 7th this year in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced the final list of candidates whose applications passed all the necessary checks and are therefore eligible to participate in elections.

The final list consists of 64.5% men and 35.5% women. Election law also regulate the representation of candidates by age, so 30 percent of the candidates are younger than 30. 84 political parties and 59 party coalitions presented their candidates for this year's local elections. There are 224 independent candidates.

Besides mayors and municipal councilors in 139 municipalities, Bosnian people will also elect delegates for the Assembly of the Brcko District, delegates in the Assembly of the city of Banja Luka and the mayor of Banja Luka.

Municipal elections are considered an important indicator of the mood of the electorate two years after general elections.

Election campaigns are about to start and political parties and their candidates will try to assure as many votes as they can. These elections are peoples' chance to change something and provide themselves better future.
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