Wednesday Sep 05, 201206:36 PM GMT
Forest fires continue in Bosnia & Herzegovina
Wed Sep 5, 2012 6:35PM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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Several weeks of high temperatures in Bosnia and Herzegovina have led to a number of fires throughout the country and as well the rest of the region.

Because of the high temperatures and droughts, fighting fires has become very hard.

Water shortage is a major problem, since in the last few weeks certain parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina have not been receiving water because of the droughts.

Such fires have been burning in several areas of Bosnia for weeks and the fight to extinguish them has been complicated by the Bosnian hilly landscape strong winds, little rainfall and 40 degrees.

Firefighters are doing all they can but it is very difficult because of the high temperatures and wind to control and stop these fires. Many of the fires swept through fields still dotted with mines from the 1992-1996 War making it harder for firefighters to extinguish fires.

Damage from these fires is huge and is estimated for several million Euros. These fires not only damaged people’s property but also destroyed thousands of trees and herbs, possibly posing an existential threat to some rare species.

So far Bosnia received helicopters from Russia and Turkey as help in fight with fires but people here have been criticizing Bosnian authorities saying they should have been better prepared for this. Although it rained Tuesday in Bosnia, it did not extinguish all the fires.
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