Friday Oct 19, 201210:13 PM GMT
Ship To Gaza organization holds conference in Athens University
Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:15PM
Constantine Venizelos, Press TV, Athens
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A Greek mission is onboard the S-V ESTELLE, which is heading for the blockaded Gaza Strip, carrying supplies for the Palestinian people. Among them are two M-Ps from the major Greek opposition party.

This is an open conference held at the Athens University by the Ship To Gaza organization, the Greek initiative of an international expedition of ships and activists who have been trying to break the illegal siege on Gaza since 2008.

this week SV ESTELLE sailed through the Greek archipelago, where a five-man Greek envoy boarded the ship, among them two parliamentarians of the Greek main opposition party Radical Coalition Of The Left-SYRIZA, Vagelis Diamantopoulos and Dimitris Kodelas.

Israel that is responsible for the humanitarian disaster in the occupied Palestinian land asked the United Nations to stop ESTELLE, in essence demanding the international organization commit an act of piracy on its behalf, a cynical and politically disturbed request.

The UN did not reply to the Israeli instruction. The crew on board ESTELLE turn the Israeli mandate on its head, telling the UN it can inspect the ship’s cargo and compile an itinerary anytime it sees fit. Israel still went on to ask both Greece and Cyprus to stop ESTELLE.

The letter of support towards the ESTELLE mission and the Palestinian people is signed by the entire SYRIZA parliamentary assembly, the extra-parliamentary party Coalition For The Overthrow Of Capitalism-ANTARSYA, six MPs of the Democratic Left party, as well as the legendary Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, a cultural icon of the resistance against the junta imposed on Greece by the US in 1967.

Some 79 Irish MPs have also signed the ESTELLE support pledge.

Estelle's potential success is both practical and symbolic. The panel says reaching Gaza will be one more battle won against the imperialistic intervention in the region. SYRIZA and the Greek left want Greece to negate all military agreements with Israel.

There is a message carried by ESTELLE to the Palestinian people, say the speakers here, that financial interests and military might should no longer oppress any peoples, anywhere, let alone in Gaza, where 1.650.000 people are essentially held captive by the Israelis, in the word's largest open prison.

Greeks, who have long endured and resisted foreign intervention, from the German Nazi occupation to the US-led dictatorship, are the natural allies of the Palestinian struggle, now more than ever, as they see their country crushed by the Euro-imposed financial apartheid, while the Gaza strip is heroically opposing the Israeli oppression.
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