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BiH local election results announced
Fri Oct 26, 2012 5:54AM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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After several weeks of waiting, final results of the 2012 local elections were announced.

The results are not much different from the preliminary results and the time will show did voters choose the right leaders.

Long awaited results of the local elections that took place on October 7th in Bosnia and Herzegovina are finally announced.

The election results have brought certain changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and determined the political course for the next two years until the General Elections, scheduled for 2014.

According to the final results published by the Bosnian Central Election Commission concerning municipal mayoral posts, the Party of Democratic Action, won the largest number of seats, 37.

After the Party of Democratic Action, The Serb Democratic Party won 26 posts and now they have more posts than the Alliance of the Independent Social Democrats, who used to be the ruling party in RS and now they have 19 municipal mayors posts.

As for The Croat Democratic Union, they won 13 seats, and its sister party the Croat Democratic Union 1990 got three municipal mayors seats.

Maybe the biggest surprise of the local 2012 elections is the The Social Democratic Party, who suffered a great loss. Now they have 10 posts, but they lost two municipalities and more than 100 000 votes.

The youngest party in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alliance for a Better Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina won two municipal mayors seats. both of its candidates were already mayors in their municipalities who had left The Party of Democratic Action and joined The Alliance for a Better Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The rest of 28 political parties and independent candidates are satisfied in their attempts of wining the municipal mayors posts.

In local councils, The Party of Democratic Action won most of the seats but other parties are also satisfied because most of them won seats in these councils.

Very high voters turnout shows that people want to be politically active, but are they satisfied with the results? It is the question. Nonetheless, politicians have two years until the General Elections to justify voters trust.
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