Wednesday Nov 14, 201201:15 AM GMT
Poll results in Srebrenica in question
Wed Nov 14, 2012 1:16AM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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In Bosnia and Herzegovina, even one month after the local elections, certain results are still questionable including those in Srebrenica. Although Camil Durakovic independent candidate who is also a Muslim won majority of votes he has not yet been named as the new municipal mayor of Srebrenica.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina a country with the highest number of registered political parties, even month after local elections, some questions are still on agenda weather they are coming from the parties that won or those that lost.

Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska stated that he wants elections to be repeated in Srebrenica. In a tight battle between Muslim and Serb candidate, Camil Durakovic, independent candidate who is also a Muslim, won most votes and he should be mayor of Srebrenica

Referring to the campaign "I will vote for Srebrenica“ that was a part of Camil Durakovic pre-election campaign, Milorad Dodik stated that before elections people registered in Srebrenica because of the political reasons and now they are signing out from Srebrenica.

Although The Central Election Commission announced the final results that included results in Srebrenica and Camil Durakovic election as the new municipal mayor, many appeals that came afterwards brought Camil Durakovic's victory in question.

After the genocide in Srebrenica, according to statistics Serbs and are now mainly majority of the population and they are not satisfied with the new elected mayor. Once again the survivals of genocide and families of the victims can not be left in peace

It seems that Srebrenica will always be wound not only to its victims but also to those that want to gain control and authority over it.

So far The Central Election Commission did not respond regarding Dodik's statements and although elections finished a while ago they are still the main topic. Many here say A non-stop battle between Muslim and Serb politicians continues in Srebrenica.
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