Friday Dec 07, 201211:02 PM GMT
Transparency International holds conference in Sarajevo
Fri Dec 7, 2012 11:2PM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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Transparency International has released a report on the level of corruption in Bosnia-Herzegovina. A conference was also organized where they presented a so-called National Integrity System as a tool to combat corruption.

Transparency International reported that the index for 2012 shows that Bosnia and Herzegovina stagnates in the field of anti-corruption fight and it still at the same level as countries where corruption is a serious problem and obstacle to stability, development and investments.

Transparency International organized an early conference today to mark the International Anti-corruption Day in Bosnia.

Having in mind that corruption is a major problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the public hopes that National Integrity System will bring improvement in fight against corruption. The National Integrity System offers a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the legal basis and the actual performance of institutions relevant to the overall anti corruption system.

It seems that all these conferences and studies are all in vain. Until authorities start converting words into deeds nothing will change.

After all according to some statistics, corruption seems to be increasing in Bosnia and Herzegovina rather that decreasing.

Reports for 2012 show that Bosnia and Herzegovina stagnates in the field of anti corruption fight. Bosnia and Herzegovina still has to face the political corruption on the highest levels, non-transparent management as well as corruption in public sector in order to make progress.
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