Friday Dec 14, 201201:38 PM GMT
Election results in Srebrenica finally verified
Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:39PM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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It has taken more than two months for Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina to verify the election results in Srebrenica. It is

official now, Camil Durakovic is the new municipal mayor of


Long awaited election results in Srebrenica municipality have been announced by the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and


After more than two months of uncertainty not only for Camil Durakovic but also for all genocide victims in Srebrenica, it is finally verified that Camil Durakovic is the new municipal mayor of

Camil Durakovis had to wait for the verification of his election while others municipal mayors started with their work a while ago.

The reason why he wasn't named as municipal mayor sooner is because of the efforts of certain Serb political parties and politicians, because they wanted one of their candidates on that post so that then, they would be the leading political factor in the town.

But for genocide victims this was unacceptable because they didn't want somebody who committed genocide to be in charge in Srebrenica. That is why they supported Camil Durakovic all the way through his campaign.

Before the genocide majority of the population in Srebrenica were Muslims, but it changed after July 1995. According to some statistics Muslims are only 30 % of the population and the rest are

Camil Durakovic's election brought peace to genocide victims because they know that he will lead Srebrenica into better future. Hard times are in front of Camil Durakovic because he has to confront all those who wanted his election to be annulled.

Camil Durakovic's victory is victory of all those genocide victims who were killed in July 1995 in Srebrenica. Although he waited two months for his verification he can now start with his work as the new municipal mayor of Srebrenica.
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