Thursday Jan 24, 201312:54 PM GMT
Bosnian refugees urged to return home
Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:53PM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended several years ago, but there are still thousands of refugees and displaced persons. Bosnian leaders are now trying to encourage them to return to their pre-war homes and reintegrate into society.

Croatia's president Ivo Josipovic and Bosnia’s refugees minister Damir Ljubic have called on displaced Bosnians to go back to their homes.

During their meeting in Croatia’s capital Zagreb, they stressed that everybody should return to their homes and integrate into society in which they lived before the war.

The Croatian president said that the successful return of wartime
refugees is an indicator of the level of human rights in each country in the region. Without a doubt a time has come to close the returnee’s chapter.

Mirnes Ajanovic sbs: The question of refugees and displaced persons is solved in the worst possible way. According to international officials who deceive the public , that question is solved in a good way but due to bad government after the war to this day, a large number of citizens left Bosnia and never returned.

Bosnia’s refugees minister thanked Croatia for being "the biggest individual help in solving the refugee problems" in Bosnia. Bosnian authorities hope that they will start the process of ending this problem in three or four years.

The meeting in Zagreb took place after the Bosnian authorities
appealed to refugees to return at the beginning of January, following an international donors’ conference in Sarajevo last April which raised more than 260 million euros to help the displaced to return to their home.

Mirnes Ajanovic sbs: Those people that left Bosnia have no intention to return because they don't have a place to live. Project of displacement of Muslims that started in 1990 continues even today. Some 200,000 refugees left Bosnia for Croatia during the war in the 1990s, mostly ethnic Croats from the Bosnian Serb entity Republika Srpska. Only around five per cent of them have returned so far.

Experts say Bosnia and Herzegovina's authorities should speed up the return of thousands of refugees from the 1990s war and invest more efforts in solving the issue of refugees in the country.
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