Sunday Jan 27, 201305:15 PM GMT
EU membership overshadowing Bosnian domestic issues
Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:5AM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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Domestic problems are increasing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The government is putting all its effort into an attempt to impress Europe by fulfilling EU conditions relating to Bosnia instead of focusing on domestic concerns.

It seems these days everybody in Bosnia and Herzegovina is talking about the European Union and the conditions the country needs to fulfill in order to join the E-U. This is while very little attention is paid to domestic problems.

At a time when certain countries are considering leaving the E-U, Bosnia appears to be more concerned about its membership in the 27-member bloc, instead of its social problems including the healthcare system. The latest price increases in medicines and medical services have become a real issue in the country.

More emphasis should also be placed on economic issues-- especially those in industry agriculture. But people do not hold out much hope for change as everything points that Bosnian politicians only care about their personal and party interests.

By neglecting domestic problems, officials seem to be only focusing on the conditions set for the EU membership.

Analysts believe that problems will be solved when authorities start to cooperate with each other and address basic needs of the nation.

Current economic statistics indicate Bosnia might not survive as a state if its economy is not stimulated by enhanced productivity and modernization. Experts say, as long as Bosnia and Herzegovina does not start to use its advantages and resources, it is pretty pointless to think that the EU will solve all of its problems.
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