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Violation of Human Rights in Bosnia-Herzegovina on the rise
Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:29PM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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According to the Institution of Ombudsman for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a large number of citizens complained of rights violations in 2012. There were specially complaints about court rulings and other judicial proceedings.

According to the Institution of Ombudsman for Human Rights in BiH and the statistics in 2012, citizens mostly complained because of violations of civil and political rights.

Also many complains were about the procedures in the judiciary and administration, as well as in the field of socio-economic and cultural rights.

Complaints filed regarding the work of judicial institutions in most cases are characterized by long court proceedings, ineffective enforcement of judicial decisions, legal uncertainty, inconsistency of judicial practice, failure to execute court decisions and lack of confidence of citizens in the courts.

In 2012, Ombudsman for Human Rights received the total of 3,124 complains related to discrimination, access to information, right to a pension, property rights, police, child rights and other areas.

This data can only partially be used as an indicator to assess the human rights situation considering that the cases registered by BiH Ombudsman usually include multiple violations of rights.

Protecting human rights and promoting tolerance and equal opportunities must become top priority for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dealing with different human rights issues needs to be carried out in the best possible way.
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