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Bosnia and Herzegovina railway workers go on strike
Wed Apr 3, 2013 4:57AM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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After numerous problems that have been piling for a long

time, Federation Railway workers decided to go on strike and although

they are maintaining minimum work process still each day of the strike

costs Bosnia's economy a lot of money.

In recent weeks, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been the scene of several strikes.

Analysts say that the political and financial situations have never been worse since the war, so it is not surprising that people are showing their dissatisfaction by organizing all sorts of strikes and protests.

This week started with railway workers general strike after many warnings and announcements concerning their work conditions within Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation Railways. The trade union of rail workers organized this industrial action after they had not yet received their salaries for February.

Employees in the rail operator in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina disrupted the cargo traffic but local and international passenger transport proceeded as scheduled. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications says each day of the strike costs Bosnia's economy around 100 000 euros.

Union representatives say that they will continue the strike until they reach an agreement with the government and the situation changes for the better.

The problems in Federation Railways didn't start in recent days. They have been piling up for years. Now among unpaid wages and many other problems, it seems job security has turned into the main concerns of the workers.

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