Friday Jun 07, 201302:13 AM GMT
Bulgaria declines support for blacklisting Hezbollah‎
Fri Jun 7, 2013 2:12AM
Mariam Saleh, Press TV, Beirut
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Bulgaria says accusations that Lebanon’s Hezbollah was behind the bombing of Israeli tourists in 2012 provide no grounds to blacklist the group as a terrorist entity. Experts say blacklisting Hezbollah is part of a campaign by the U-S and Israel, which has untold motives

Several European states continue to resist a British request to the European Union to label Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

Britain has argued that the resistance movement should face European sanctions since it is believed to be behind a bus bombing in Bulgaria last July that killed five Israelis and their driver.

Hezbollah has denied any involvement, and the new Bulgarian government has stressed that the Hezbollah's role in the bombing lacks tangible evidence.

In the latest meeting for the EU in Brussels, Bulgarian foreign minister Kristian Vigenin stressed that his country would not back a call to blacklist Hezbollah since: quote “we cannot take hard decisions with consequences for the politics of the European Union in the region based only on circumstantial evidence."

Experts believe that European states like Bulgaria cannot oppose the British call for long.

The US has also been adamant on calling on European states to go along with this call. The Lebanese members of Parliament believe that this is part of Washington’s policy to protect Israeli interests.

Observers say some European states and the US have not yet realized the significance of Hezbollah as a popular movement, whose support is deeply rooted inside the Lebanese society.

Already on the EU blacklist are groups like Hamas, the Palestinian resistance movement, and Turkey's Kurdish militant group PKK.

The main debate on the European Union’s table was the concern by some states that such a move would complicate European interests in Lebanon, where Hezbollah is a significant element of the coalition government and has helped keep a certain security balance in a country already suffering from a spillover of events in Syria.
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