Monday Aug 26, 201303:34 AM GMT
Israeli-Canadian Interpretation of Bulgaria Attacks Falling Apart
Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:31AM
Joshua Blakeney, Press TV, Calgary
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Culpability for the Bulgaria attacks of 2012, which killed five Israeli tourists, continues to be hotly debated. This week in Canada the father of one of the Lebanese men blamed for the attacks came out and claimed his son was innocent. Critics note that Israel benefitted greatly from the attacks as they served to exert pressure on the E.U. to add Hezbollah’s military wing to its blacklist.

An increasing number of analysts are accusing Israel of employing false-flag terrorism to coerce foreign governments into supporting Israel’s foreign policy. And experts argue that the terrorist attacks in Bulgaria in 2012 have all the hallmarks of a false-flag terrorism.

Within hours of the Bulgaria attacks, before any investigation had taken place, Israel blamed them on Hezbollah and Canada's government followed suit.

Canada's government claimed that a Canadian citizen Hassan El Hajj Hassan participated in the terrorist attacks at the behest of Hezbollah. But his father Samir Hajhassan in a recent interview with Canada’s National Post suggested that his son was innocent. Furthermore, Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister recently referred to evidence of Hezbollah involvement in the attacks as merely “circumstantial”.

Canada’s government enacted draconian anti-terror laws based on the unsubstantiated Israeli interpretation of the Bulgaria attacks. Analysts note that the attacks benefitted Israel greatly as they increased pressure on the European Union to put Hezbollah’s military wing on its blacklist.
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