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Illegal firearms: Bosnia's new security challenge
Wed Sep 4, 2013 2:17PM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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18 years after the Bosnian war, there are still hundreds of thousands of illegal weapons across the country. Although some efforts have been made to address the problem, the specter of firearm killings is frightening many Bosnians.

Recent figures published here in Bosnia and Herzegovina show a rise in the number of incidents involving the use of firearms.

The issue of illegal weapons dates back to the three-year Bosnian war in and there are efforts to persuade citizens to give up arms in their possession. It is estimated that there are some seven-hundred-50-thousand unregistered weapons in the hands of only 20 percent of this south-eastern European country. Since the end of Bosnian war in 1995, there've been more than 10-thousand deaths related to the use of illegal weapons, including firearms.

The Bosnian officials have already taken several measures in a bid to talk the arms possessors into giving up their weapons. Such steps are aimed at raising public awareness about the misuse of firearms and reducing the number of incidents connected to illegal firearms.

The police is also facing major challenge with so many weapons free in people's hands. Weather it is the fear for their own security or the lack of confidence in authorities, Bosnians are still reluctant to surrender their weapons, turning a blind eye to the fact that they might be the next victim of these illegal weapons .

Organized campaigns for the collection and destruction of the illegal weapons resulted in a decrease in the number of unlawful arms in the hands of ordinary citizens. However, reports show there is still a large number of such weapons, which is considered as a threat to people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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