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"White Plague" on the rise in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:29AM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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Tough economic times in Bosnia and Herzegovina have led to a drastic cut in birth rates. Although experts had warned about this downward trend for quite some time, the Bosnian authorities have done little to solve the issue, known locally as the ‘white plague.’ Press TV’s Ivana Shetich reports from Sarajevo.

The “White plague” in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a problem that demographers and sociologists have been warning against for a long time. A recent survey carried out by the London-based Euromonitor International firm is raising the alarm bells for the Bosnian officials.

Euromonitor International findings are showing that birth rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina will fall by five percent over the next 17 years and that the East European country’s total population would stand at three-point-six million.

Demographers and sociologists blame the bad economic situation, low level of education as well as migration for the sharp decline in birth rates. The low living standards, unemployment and unsolved housing problems are also the economic factors behind the young people’s reluctance for more children.

Certain cantons across Bosnia and Herzegovina have continuously been recording negative population growth for months. Bosnia and Herzegovina has been facing a decline in birth rates, increased mortality rate and a rapid aging. The government must take up the issue, experts say, to help resolve this issue before Bosnia and Herzegovina ends up turning into the land of the old.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been witnessing a sharp fall in new births for the past few years, raising fears of a rapid population reduction. The spooky trend, also known as the white plague, needs fast-track measures to be dealt with.

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