Tuesday Dec 31, 201304:35 AM GMT
High salaries shock people in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:33AM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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Fact Corner
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina is in an extremely difficult economic situation. Yet certain individuals continue to get overpaid. On the one hand most citizens live on the verge of poverty while on the other hand many enjoy unimaginable luxury.
While most people in Bosnia and Herzegovina barely make ends meet and struggle with poverty on daily basis, others receive incredibly high salaries every month.Last week the federation entity's tax agency published a list of the hundred highest official salaries which caused shock among the public.
A document that was published by the Federation tax agency clearly shows that many people in Bosnia literally do not know what to do with heir monthly gain. Some of the salaries on this list go up to 20 000 euros a month. Data on salaries from March, April and May 2013 are scandalous specially having in mind that an average salary in Bosnia and Herzegovina is just over 400 euros and the average pension is around 150 euros. According to many, this recently published list marks the biggest scandal that has occurred in Bosnia lately. Experts warn that there is a possibility of mass protests because people in Bosnia are no longer able to peacefully observe a more difficult situation in this country. While Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens are drowning in debt and poverty, individuals are receiving enormously high salaries. Will the government and the public react to this shocking information, or will it simply be swept under the carpet? We will know the answer in the coming days.
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