Sunday Feb 09, 201412:33 AM GMT
Sarajevo protests damage govt. property
Sun Feb 9, 2014 12:32AM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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Fact Corner
  • Friday’s protests in Bosnia Herzegovina’s capital Sarajevo have caused heavy damage to state property. The protesters destroyed and burnt several buildings in Sarajevo in protest at what they call dire economic situation in their country.
What started as a peaceful rally in Sarajevo on Friday, turned into the most violent demonstration in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Citizens initially were to express dissatisfaction with the difficult economic situation in the country. But the rally soon spiraled into violence, with some demonstrators destroying state buildings including Sarajevo Canton building, the building of Center Municipality and the building of Presidency of Bosnia. Some priceless items which were part of Bosnia’s historical heritage were also burned. Numerous official and police cars were burned and destroyed including the tram stops in the area of these institutions. Hundreds of injured, both police and civilians, are victims of Friday’s terrifying events. The city around the buildings of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo Canton, today resemble the war years. In the coming days the government will estimate the damage that has been done during the protest in Sarajevo . No one can predict how much it will cost to repair everything, but without a doubt it'll cost millions of euros.
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