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High level of corruption in health care in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Wed Apr 2, 2014 3:0PM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Sarajevo
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Fact Corner
  • Reports coming out of Bosnia and Herzegovina suggest that corruption is running rife in the healthcare sector. The government is accused of not taking necessary action to stop the practice.
Latest surveys reveal that about two-third of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina believe the country’s health care sector is rampant with corruption.
Similar cases have been reported in police and education departments. Centre for Civil Initiatives recently released a report on the progress of anti-corruption measures taken by the government institution. The study indicates that very little has been done to contain the widespread corruption. Corruption in health care impairs the quality of health services which in turn affect the most vulnerable groups of the society. According to the Centre for Civil Initiatives most of the public health institutions have failed to do enough to tackle the problem. But health care is not the only area infected with corruption. Various studies show a high level of corruption in education. According to a study, one in every four Bosnian students was exposed to some forms of corruption. Corruption has deep roots in the Bosnian society and preventing corruption is a hard and complicated task. Fighting corruption in the health care will be impossible as long as those who manage public health do not change their attitude towards the problem.
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