Thursday May 22, 201402:08 AM GMT
Humanitarian aid coming to flood victims in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Thu May 22, 2014 2:6AM
Ivana Setic, Press TV, Maglaj
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Fact Corner
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina has been hit by one of the Balkan region's worst natural disasters in record. Severe flooding has left many people homeless. But now, help is coming to the victims of the disaster from all corners of the country.
Bosnia and Herzegovina has been hit by of the Balkan region’s worst natural disaster. The floods have left many people stranded and many others without basic needs. But now help is coming to the victims of the disaster from all parts of the country. Many say that these floods have united the region once again.
There are many organizations which have been collecting and distributing water, food, medicine and clothes to those who need it. But many Bosnian citizens have also decided to collect and bring help to their fellow countrymen. Every day dozens of vans arrive to flooded towns and distribute help to those in need. Local officials say water, food and medicine are most needed at the moment. Many countries around the world are also contributing help to the victims of the flood. Numerous trucks packed with humanitarian aid cross Bosnian border every day and are being sent to people who have suffered the most because of the floods. Humanitarian actions have also been held across Bosnia and Herzegovina to show that the flood victims are not alone. As you can see behind me, help for people hit by floods is coming from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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