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Cape Town hosts Russell Tribunal on Palestine
Sun Nov 6, 2011 6:29AM
Hassen Seria, Press TV, Cape Town
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The District Six Museum in Cape Town records the history of a vibrant South African community evicted under this country's white supremacist Apartheid laws. And this was aptly chosen as the venue for the third session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. This sitting is particularly focused on Israel's policies and practices against the Palestinian people and whether they are in breach of the prohibition on Apartheid under International Law... The session was opened by Anti-Apartheid icon Desmond Tutu...

The significance of holding this sitting of the Russel Tribunal in South Africa is that a number of witnesses are able to give first-hand accounts of their experiences under the Apartheid system in this country and then relate it back to occupied Palestine.

One of the key submissions was that the system which perpetuates and protects Apartheid should be held accountable ...

The Tribunal has been dismissed as a kangaroo court by the South African Jewish board of Deputies. And no response has been received from the Zionist regime which was invited to make a submission. But this has not phased the jurors presiding over the sessions.

The tribunal will issue its findings on Monday.
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