Monday Nov 07, 201111:14 PM GMT
Russell Tribunal on Palestine finds Israel guilty of apartheid
Mon Nov 7, 2011 11:17PM
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After two days of proceedings, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine says it is convinced that Israel is an apartheid regime with an institutionalized system of domination as recognized under international law.

The tribunal has urged Israel to dismantle this system and calls for the international community to apply pressure on the occupying force through sanctions and severing bilateral ties. It wants the UN General Assembly to list banks, companies, organisations and other corporations which insist on supporting Israel as well...

While Israel has dismissed the Russel Tribunal as a kangaroo court, it's perhaps their actions beyond this sitting that shows just how threatened Israel feels by the discussions that took place here.

While the sessions were underway, the tribunal's website was hacked. Experts have described this as a precision attack. At the same time, the Israel's parliament instituted action to have Arab MK, Haneen Zoabi stripped of her citizenship because she had testified here. Zoabi tells Press TV that Israel views every move for democracy as an attack on its racist system...She says Palestinians have sacrificed enough.

Considering the threat to Zoabi, the tribunal has delivered a letter to the South African government asking it to ensure no reprisals by Israel against those who testified here. It also wants the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to address the issue of apartheid at its upcoming review of Israel
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