Friday Nov 11, 201112:02 AM GMT
British members of parliament question illegal detention of reporter in Israeli jail
Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:5AM
Steve McCaul, Press TV, London
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It's been one week since Hassan Ghani was arrested by Israeli police with twenty six others as part of a flotilla trying to enter Gaza.

He's spoken to a lawyer and has had some consular assistance.

In the UK, Members of Parliament have submitted an 'early day motion', a formal motion for a debate to be held.

It reads: “That this House expresses its extreme concern at the illegal detention by Israel since the fourth of November 2011 of Hassan Ghani, a British journalist, who was on board the Tahrir which, along with the SEER-shuh, was delivering aid to Gaza; and calls on the UK Government to seek the immediate release of Hassan Ghani by Israel.”

This was raised by John McDonnell, a Labour party MP. Very few early day motions are successful, but it raises the issue of Hassan's detention publicly.

The conditions faced in Israel's Givon prison were described by one crew member.

Hassan's father has been in touch with the foreign office regularly. He spoke of the support he's received from the Muslim community across the country.

Hassan is believed to be awaiting imminent release.

But this comes as seven crew members from the Irish boat SEER-shuh on their way home were detained at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv and returned to prison. No reason has been given for this move and friends and family are said to be concerned.

A Foreign office spokesperson strenuously denied that they haven't provided enough support to Hassan, stating that they've visited him regularly and constantly raised issues with the Israeli authorities. But questions are being asked as to why his release is only being discussed one week after his arrest.
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