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'Organ trade mafia uncovered in Turkey'
Tue Nov 22, 2011 2:1PM
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A mafia group charged with buying dozens of kidneys from poor people and selling them to rich patients has been identified in Turkey, Press TV reports.

According to Turkish sources, the group has carried out about 74 kidney transplants in 16 months, the Press TV correspondent in Ankara reported on Tuesday.

The mafia group has even charged the Social Security Institution (SGK) 33,000 liras (about USD 18,000) for each transplant operation.

The group reportedly identified rich patients in dialysis centers of the country and then found donors among the residents of poor villages.

As an instance of the mafia operation, the group has bought a kidney for about 20,000 liras (USD 11,000) and sold it for a minimum price of 100,000 liras (USD 54,000).

Turkish sources said the leader of the mafia group, known as Professor AG, who had been arrested earlier but released later, still continues the organ trade.

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