Wednesday Apr 18, 201203:36 AM GMT
'Flytilla 2' activists return home after Israeli ‘overreaction’
Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:35AM
Ramin Mazaheri, Press TV, Paris
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After bowing again to Israeli pressure, air carriers and national governments are under fire for preventing the solidarity mission known as “Flytilla 2”. And despite mass arrests in Tel Aviv, the group ‘Welcome to Palestine’ has succeeded once again in calling attention to Israel’s continued violation of human rights.

Flytilla 2 has suffered the same fate as its predecessor, thanks to the enforcement of an Israeli blacklist by airlines and obedient governments. Fifty activists did make it to Tel Aviv, 40 of them French, and many have been released after a long detention.

The group “Welcome to Palestine“ had openly declared that they would not participate in any protests or actions, but they refused to continue the common practice of hiding their intentions to visit Palestine in order to avoid Israeli pressure.

For many of the returning activists the experience was bittersweet. Flytilla 2 hasn’t gotten the same media coverage as last year’s event, but there’s little doubt more versions will be attempted.

These “Welcome to Palestine” participants say they view their arrest and expulsion as a badge of honor, and many here say that their trip was a success because you only fail when you don’t try.
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